On November 6th, 2018 the third General Assembly was convened in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The main objective was to assess the last 6 months and prepare for the first periodic meeting next year.


The first day focused on the work packages that had the most activity during these last couple of months. The discussions were so lively, that two sessions were moved to the second day. The second day was dedicated to the other WPs, dissemination and exploitation and the preparation for the first periodic review.


An exciting moment was the presentation of software MAINTSYS, an offshore windfarm simulation programme, by Andrew Newman from Global Marine Group. The NEXUS project has been giving the opportunity to use the industry leading software. We’re delighted by the support from Shoreline, an amazing team of engineers, software developers and industry experts who developed MAINTSYS. You can find more information on MAINTSYS on their website: https://www.shoreline.no/solutions/om-execution/