The NEXUS project is delighted to welcome to its team of experts Dr Ian Belton from Strathclyde Business School, who will help us deliver real business solutions for efficient O&M of offshore windfarms.

Dr Belton’s background integrates law and the psychology of individual and group judgement and decision making, which will certainly bring a unique expertise to our NEXUS O&M business decision-making model.

Dr Ian Belton is a former lawyer who recently completed a PhD in psychology at Middlesex University. His research focuses on the psychology of human judgment and decision-making. In particular, he examines decisions made in organisational and institutional contexts such as the legal, defence and security sectors. He also has an interest in methods for structuring group judgment such as the Delphi technique and scenario planning, and the elicitation of expert judgment. Dr Belton’s most recent research role was as part of BARD (Bayesian Argumentation via Delphi), an international US-government funded project aimed at developing an online tool to support group reasoning in intelligence analysts by combining the explanatory power of causal Bayes Nets and the proven benefits of the Delphi technique for group judgment.

In NEXUS, Dr Belton has joined Dr Lesley Walls' team in WP4 currently developing a robust modelling platform to allow decision-makers to manage trade-offs between key business risk parameters effectively and efficiently.

Dr Ian Belton will present the work done in WP4 to date at the WESC2019 in Cork, Ireland on 17-20 June 2019.