As part of the Nexus dissemination activities, Dr Iraklis Lazakis from the department of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering (NAOME) at the University of Strathclyde joined and presented at the Wind Energy Science Conference 2019 that took place in Cork, Ireland on 17-20 June 2019. Iraklis joined the session on ‘Optimising O&M’ and presented the Nexus work on Task 2.5 on the development of the Nexus Operational Planner for offshore wind farms.

The Operational planner is an in-house route optimisation tool which provides, both on-board and on-shore, the capability to plan and assess operations in advance based on route planning, positioning, weather and environmental conditions as well as expected fuel consumption and cost. The system starts operation planning taking a certain number of input parameters related to, weather, maintenance fleet, wind farm, turbine failure and cost. For any particular day, the optimization process commences in two different steps, each corresponding to different planning sessions, drop-off and pick-up. An iterative optimization first plans the optimum route for the vessel during the drop-off session while minimizing the overall fuel consumption.

After planning the drop-off session, optimal planning for the pick-up session is completed only using the turbines which do not require the vessel to stay. Different strategies, iterative and clustering methods were also integrated into the proposed system to increase the weather window and to satisfy the given operational constraints. The whole operational task can be completed with one OSV/SOV, multiple CTVs and/or combination of both.

A graphical user interface was also developed and different case studies were carried to ensure the validity and effectiveness of the system.