With the project approaching its end, the NEXUS consortium invited stakeholders of the offshore wind energy sector and the public to an open dissemination online workshop on 9 April 2021. The workshop conferred particular attention on the holistic modelling approach developed by the project to inform decisions decisions about the vessel design.



As part of the Nexus dissemination activities, Dr Iraklis Lazakis from the department of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering (NAOME) at the University of Strathclyde joined and presented at the Wind Energy Science Conference 2019 that took place in Cork, Ireland on 17-20 June 2019. Iraklis joined the session on ‘Optimising O&M’ and presented the Nexus work on the development of the Nexus Operational Planner for offshore wind farms.


The NEXUS project is delighted to welcome to its team of experts Dr Ian Belton from Strathclyde Business School, who will help us deliver real business solutions for efficient O&M of offshore windfarms.

Dr Belton’s background integrates law and the psychology of individual and group judgement and decision making, which will certainly bring a unique expertise to our NEXUS O&M business decision-making model.

On November 6th, 2018 the third General Assembly was convened in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The main objective was to assess the last 6 months and prepare for the first periodic meeting next year.



Six months after the NEXUS kick off meeting, the General Assembly and the Management Committee met from 6 – 7 June 2018 in Figueras, Spain.

The NEXUS partners are thrilled to announce the addition of the newest partner to the project: SINTEF Ocean.

On 7-8 December 2017 the 7 project partners gathered in Glasgow, Scotland to kick-off the NEXUS project.  In the presence of the project officer, Renata Kadric, the NEXUS consortium discussed the planning of the first year and the immediate actions after the project start.