The NEXUS project is being carried out by a consortium (co-led by ARTTIC and Rolls-Royce Marine) made up of 6 recognised and experienced key players from 4 different EU member states. The consortium consists of ARTTIC, Rolls-Royce Marine AS, University of Strathclyde, GONDAN Shipbuilders, DNV GL AS, Global Marine Group and SINTEF Ocean.


Rolls-Royce Marine AS is part of Rolls-Royce plc and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ship designs, power and propulsion systems, equipment and through life support services to the marine industry.

Role in the project

RRMAS has the role of technical coordinator to support the exchange of technical information within the consortium and foster innovation and cooperation. RRMAS participates in all work packages and leads WP7 and WP10. In WP2, RRMAS exploits electrical propulsion technologies and explores possibilities in alternative energy sources, as well as challenge the optimisation in all dimension including hydro dynamic performance and operational performance in addition to power system optimisation. In WP5, RRMAS has a significant role in definition of the vessel and logistical concepts and performance of the feasibility study. In WP7, Rolls-Royce Marine heads the final concept development considering standardisation and modularisation, review of KPIs for safety, cost and emission, and identification of critical factors with regard to regulations, performance and cost . In WP8, RRMAS will lead tasks related to optimisation of hull and propulsion system, evaluation of vessel motion characteristics, performance of model tests , development of simulators for virtual verification and simulation of operational scenarios of the concept vessel.