The NEXUS project is being carried out by a consortium (co-led by ARTTIC and Rolls-Royce Marine) made up of 6 recognised and experienced key players from 4 different EU member states. The consortium consists of ARTTIC, Rolls-Royce Marine AS, University of Strathclyde, GONDAN Shipbuilders, DNV GL AS, Global Marine Group and SINTEF Ocean.


GONDAN Shipbuilders is a renowned company in the high-tech shipbuilding industry. The yard has more than 90 years of experience building tailor made vessels of all types: SOVs, Innovative PSVs, Eco-friendly tugs, Research Vessels. GONDAN is known for providing technological solutions to complex problems.

Role in the project

GONDAN Shipbuilders is an industrial partner and acts as advisor, providing validation of costs and feasibility of design proposals. GONDAN’s expertise comes from being one of the very few shipyards in the world with experience building large scale vessels purposely designed and built to provide solutions to the offshore wind industry.